Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reverse Phone Lookup—Just Exactly What You Need!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Price for to Pay for a Number Lookup

The reverse number lookup is a method in which a person is allowed to search for the information of the person that owns a certain number. There are two types of this. One is the free type and the other is the premium one.

The free reverse lookup will provide information like the city and state from which the call is coming, the type of phone used, that is whether it is a home phone or a cell phone, and the phone company to which it is subscribed.

The reverse lookup that charges a premium cost provides information about the caller – his name, complete address, age (in select database) and even a map to easily locate his location.
Is it worth the price?
A single phone lookup up could cost around $15. A month’s subscription would cost around $25 and a year’s subscription, around $60. Yes, it is a bit costly. But is it worth it?

The worth of the said premium service depends on what a person is using it for. If it is to make sure one’s child is not being in contact with a sexual predator, then any amount would be worth it. If it is to spy on one’s husband, the cost maybe enough a price to pay. If it is just to satisfy one’s curiosity, then the cost may not be as worth it.

But if the concern is whether the information is so accurate that it makes every penny paid worth it, then that would depend on the website or company one is being in business with.
Free reverse number lookup may not be as helpful as a person hopes to be. Normally, the information would be very limited to be useful at all. There are times though that the free information would contain a more private detail that could be very useful, depending on one’s purpose, but may not be accurate.

The White Pages or reverse lookup sites for home phone numbers form their database by getting information from the phone directories. Releasing this information is lawful and they are often with the permission of the owners as they know that their information will be out in the public when they signed up for a home phone subscription.

On the other hand, cell phone reverse lookup websites get their information from somewhere else. Phone companies are prohibited by cell phone privacy laws from disclosing information of their subscribers. Thus, the reverse lookup sites buy their information from those that have the information of these cell phone subscribers.

Some examples of the companies mentioned above are credit bureaus, who get the information of cell phone owners from the latter themselves as their credit information, together with their personal information, are kept on record by these bureaus; Insurance companies are also an example, as when a cell phone owner applies for insurance, he is required to fill out a form about himself, including his contact information; Mailing lists are also a source of information for the database of the reverse number lookup for cell phones.

Privacy Issues

Cell phone privacy laws are very strict in terms of giving the public an access to the personal information of a person. But what these laws prohibit is the giving out of the contact information of a person by doing a name search.

Thus, searching for the information of a person who keeps on calling one’s house is not illegal. What is unlawful is the searching for the contact details and information of someone through his name.

It may be lawful, but getting the private information of a person thorough his number is not free. It has to be paid as those who are building the database also pay a good amount of money for these information.

As mentioned above, when a person gives his information to the mailing list of a certain company, or to an insurer, and the like, his information could be sold to another company and be included in the database of reverse phone lookup, with or without his knowledge. Is this legal? Yes, this is permitted as long as it is only for a reverse lookup.

Choosing the right site
The information in these reverse lookup sites are not given out for free. The companies buy these from another company, so they are not likely to provide this without a cost.

When trying to get good value for one’s money in buying access to the reverse phone number lookup, there are things to be considered. One is, see if there is a free trial.

Free trials are helpful for those who want to make sure they will not waste money buying the service. Usually, these trials are given for a short period of time, during which a person can test the accuracy and reliability of the service.

It would also be wise to pick those sites that offer a guarantee. If a site offers one’s money back if the information he gets is less than 100% accurate, then that site probably has a very high confidence on its database. One should make sure though that what this site guarantees is an accurate result, and not just a sure result to a search.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is Reverse Phone Lookup Free?

Is a reverse phone lookup free?

The answer to this is it depends. You can obtain information about a certain phone number without any costs using certain services, but you may also need to pay a certain  fee when you want to look up a particular type phone number.

So, there are 2 types of phone number lookup: free and paid.

This is a type of service that allows you to obtain information, like name and address of the owner, without paying anything. Sites like are examples of such free services.

But is there any drawback to this?

While this is a completely reliable service, there are some limitations. Do not expect that this is going to allow you to look up any phone number.

Free services only work on landline numbers and not cellphone numbers. Plus, the information you may acquire can be limited to only the name and address.

What is a reverse cell phone lookup?

This is the paid version of the one mentioned earlier. This will permit you to acquire information about a mobile number. You can know under what name the number is listed as well as the address, a location map, and other important information.

The reason this type of search is paid is mobile phone numbers, unlike landline numbers, are kept by private companies and each time you want to obtain information about these numbers, the service provider would have to pay a certain fee to access the private database where information about that number us stored.

Sites like eVerify are perfect to use because they will allow you to conduct these searches quickly and efficiently.

How much should I pay for this?

You do not need to worry too much about the costs of a reverse cell lookup because you won't have to spend more than $20. Some websites offer more affordable rates by selling membership plans where you can have unlimited number of searches.

Is it wise to pay for something like this?

The answer would depend on how much you need the service. If your work or business requires you to make a lot of calls, then this is perfect for you because there will be a lot of times when you're going to receive calls from unlisted numbers.

Service-oriented businesses will definitely have a big use of phone lookup services. This can come handy when people make fake orders or really make orders but fail to provide contact details.

This can also become extremely useful at home. If you want to ensure your safety and keep anonymous callers from causing you distress, it would be counter intuitive to have access to services like this.

You’ll never know when you are going to need this.

Don’t feel bad about spending a few dollars on something like this because it can do you a lot of good. You may not realize it but it could even keep you safe from bad people or simply help you identify an important caller.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why a Free Reverse Phone Lookup Is Not Enough

A  free reverse cell phone lookup is very helpful because it allows you to acquire information behind a certain number. This is something a lot of people want to do because it's very likely that someone gets anonymous phone calls every single day. A lookup is going to make it possible to identify that caller.

But while a reverse phone number lookup can help you uncover the mystery behind a caller's identity, it is not enough. Why? There are some restrictions to conducting this kind of number lookup.

The most common limitation is that it does not work with mobile phone users.

You can easily search the identity of a landline caller because this type of information is available publicly. These are included in most online directories. You can go to websites like and easily search for such numbers.

The reason these are available to the public is landline phones are given by interlocking regional systems, compared to mobile numbers, which are provided by private companies.

For you to access information about mobile phone users, you will need to go through a paid reverse cell phone lookup service.

Do you need to pay a lot to search unlisted numbers on your phone?

When it comes to searching for mobile numbers that are not listed on your phone, you do not have to pay a lot. Most reverse cell lookup services do not charge more than $20. There are sites, like eVerify, that offer a membership plan for a very affordable price. Included in such plans are unlimited numbers of searches for mobile phone numbers.

But if you are searching for a landline number, then a free reverse phone lookup is all that you need. It means you get to do it for free.

You just have to remember, though, that the information you can obtain from free reverse telephone lookup services can be limited. Getting additional information will cost you.

Why do you need to do a reverse phone lookup?

Conducting a phone lookup is a concept that is very familiar to all of us. If you ever opened a yellow page to find out what the telephone number and address of a particular business or residence is, then you definitely have a very good idea of what reverse phone lookup is.

The only difference is you are trying to obtain information about a certain phone number.

You need to do it for different reasons:

  Your phone may be reflecting an anonymous number that has been trying to call you for several days or weeks. Unsure if it's someone important and if you should return the call, finding out who owns the number before returning the call is a very wise move.
  You have a stalker. To find out who that is and help the authorities nab that person, a phone number lookup is very important.
  You have scribbled a number on a piece of paper several days ago and you forgot to jot down the name of that person. Knowing that it is an important number, you can identify who owns it by using these services.
  Identifying prank callers.
  If you are suspicious of your spouse's activities, finding out who they are talking to on their phones can give you peace of mind.
  If you have kids, you can protect them by making sure you know who they are in contact with. A paid or free reverse phone lookup is going to help you do that.
  You can avoid annoying telemarketers with the help of this service.

Remember that you can always find out who's trying to get in contact with you. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with someone you do not know. What's worse is if they keep on harassing you and you have not the slightest idea of who they may be.

A reverse phone lookup is necessary. Free or paid, it is something you have to seriously consider.